Afternoon Schedule

1:00 p.m. Welcome to the Afternoon

  • Ken Murphy, Regional Administrator, FEMA Region 10

1:05 p.m.  Youth and Digital Life:

  • Octaviano Merecias, @vozdenube, 4-H Tech Wizards:

1:15 p.m.         Beyond the Sandwich

  • Simon King, @wordspreadz, CEO of WordSpreadz

1:25 p.m.         For the Greater Good: How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media:

  • Noland Hoshino, @nolandhoshino, [B]Cause Media
  • Emily Logan, @emilyrlogan,
  • Kim Hash, The Children’s Center

1:40 p.m.         Embracing Community in 365 Ways:

  • Dale Chumbley, @dalechumbley, Clark County Real Estate Guide

1:50 p.m.         Wash-Your-Handsington & Awareness Campaigns:

  • Timothy Church, WA State Dept of Health Director of Communications

2:00 p.m.         Real-Time, Web-Based Journalism:  Making News from Hashtags:

  • Jeffrey Bunch, @jeffreyrbunch
  • Seth Long, @sethlong, Sound Productions
  • Steve Woodward, @nozzlsteve, Nozzle Real-Time Technologies

2:20 p.m.         Twitterdipity:  Relationship Returns & Social Media Results:

  • Moderator:  Carol Doane, @theclassiccarol, USD Media
  • Mary Rarick, @mary_rarick
  • Michael Perozzo, @michaelperozzo, ZZoomMedia
  • Michelle Anderson, @mediachick, I Heart Media

2:40 p.m.         Just Eat It:  The Portland Foodcart Communication Explosion:

  • Brett Burmeister, @pdxfoodcarts, @dieselboi, FoodCarts Portland

2:50p.m.          MyGovernment.Org:

  • Moderator:  Lynsey Smith, @miss_lynsey, ZZoomMedia
  • Gahlord DeWald, @gahlord, ThoughtFaucetDotCom
  • Seth Atkinson, City of Sandy Finance Director

3:10 p.m.         Your Brain on Disasters:

  • Carol Dunn, @caroldn, Bellevue Emergency Management

3:20 p.m.         Sometimes the Sky is Falling, Sometimes It Isn’t:  Challenges in Social Media:

  • Moderator:  Lia Hollander
  • Jeremy Bertrand, @jbertrand, @WSDOT, WSDOT
  • Bekki Witt, @Trimet, Tri-Met

3:40 p.m.         Adapting to “No”:  What to Do When Leadership Doesn’t Support Social Media

  • Eric Holdeman, @eric_holdeman, Emergency Management Magazine

3:50 p.m.         Race, The Web & Social Change:

  • Lisa Loving, @lisaloving, Skanner News

4:00 p.m.         WebMD:  Do Social Media and Modern Medicine Mix?

  • Dr. Bobby Ghaheri, @DrGhaheri

4:10 p.m.         Who Says It Can’t Be Fun:  Games in Social Media:

  • Lise Harwin, @liseharwin, @redcrosspdx #Just1Thing American Red Cross
  • Scott Clemetson, @disastermanSC, @CRESA #30days30ways CRESA
  • Pamela Statz, @plammmm, CuttThroat Capitalism for Wired.Com
  • Oliver Stewart, @kidswift, Opal Labs

4:30 p.m.         Curation & Storage:  Is the History of Now Important?

  • Al Partridge, @uselink126, ISITE Designs

4:40 p.m.         Is the Pen Mightier Than the Tweet?

  • Frank Shuman, @frankshuman, Ellipsis Graphics

4:45 p.m.         Be Funny:  The Need for Humor in a Serious World

  • Steve McAdoo, @stevesituation, @clackamasfire, Clackamas Fire Public Information Officer

4:50 p.m.         Getting Started Isn’t Scary, It’s Essential:

  • VaNessa Duplessie, @vduplessie, Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur

5:00 p.m.         Closing Remarks

  • Jeff Pulver, @jeffpulver